About Rantomo

RANTOMO Life Sciences Bharat Pvt. Ltd. is your trusted health partner that aims at supporting Bharat's growing needs and aspirations in the healthcare and pharma sector. A promising entry venture of conglomerate AARAV Group in this sector, RANTOMO Life Sciences brings you a line of effective medicines and health products that have been created under the supervision of medical expertss.

We already have 22 medical products, including allopathy products, in our offering for the use of people suffering from various kinds of health problems. Our company is also looking to launch several other products in the near future which will cater to the needs of a larger number of people.

Our chairman and esteemed industrialist Shri. Nitin Tiwari has provided a sound vision about the company’s objectives in our journey ahead.

Our Vision

In today’s limitless realms and possibilities, we aspire to create a range of medical products that are not only capable of healing you from various kinds of health problems, but also building your immunity to shield you against them.

At RANTOMO Life Sciences, we are committed to leading the development and distribution of pharmaceuticals that meet the needs of our diverse population. With a focus on accessibility and affordability, our goal is to provide affordable, effective, and reliable medical products that will ensure the well-being of our society.

Quality is the signature attribute of RANTOMO Life Sciences. Our products are not just medicines; they are a reflection of our dedication to the health and well-being of the people of Bharat. We understand the importance of reliable healthcare products, and we are resolute in our mission to make them available for all.


Shri. Nitin Tiwari

Group Chairman

Mrs. Reena Tiwari


Harshad Tendulkar

Group Executive Director

Mr. Hitesh Patel

General Manager Finance & Company Secretary

Mr. Atul Shukla

Senior Vice President

Mr. Atul Tiwari

Senior General Manager

Mr. Atul Kumar

Senior Manager in Human Resources

Mr Vimlesh

Regional Manager - Sales & Marketing


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